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How learning an instrument online has many health benefits (and it’s more accessible than you think!

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

ukulele group lessons with up for lessons

How learning an instrument online has many health benefits (and it’s more accessible than you think, Just as we learn to speak our mother tongue as young children, we also have the inherent ability to learn music! It is, after all, a language we can learn how to read, hear and understand. Furthermore, there are many health benefits that have been uncovered as we learn to play an instrument. Harvard Medical School tells us that “Music has the ability to soothe, energise, and improve your memory.” This is because when we play an instrument, many parts of the brain are activated. Expert on behavioural neurology Dr. Andrew Budson says “Music has unique effects on the brain; [whatever genre of music you choose.]” You can read more on that here.,even%20to%20improve%20your%20memory.

At the beginning of the pandemic, it seemed challenging at first as music lessons switched from in-person to remote lessons. However, it has also propelled us forward to realise that learning an instrument can be incredibly accessible with an internet connection! For example, with innovative video technologies here at Up for Lessons we have developed a series of lessons so you can start learning music online. With clear visual details on video and with graphic representation of the sheet music, students can tune in to on-demand style lessons. Access to these lessons is via subscription that gives you the freedom to learn what you want, when you want and how much you like. These videos allow students to understand techniques and delve deep into the theory and practice of making music. In our digital world why not access subjects, music and songs you enjoy as frequently as you like?

At Up for Lessons, we recognise that all students learn in their own unique way. So, this new way of learning online puts the power into the student’s hands. If you are the type of student that likes to go over two bars of music repeatedly to perfect it, it is possible to isolate, loop and repeat the video player to play only those two bars at your pace so that you can work on that section until you are satisfied with your skill development. This is incredibly valuable and allows you to create strong muscle memory while learning a piece of music.

The unique content at Up for Lessons mean you can use it as a flexible learning tool. It uses a content player with the integration of new technology that allows students to see a detailed visual video of the technical details involved in playing guitar and ukulele. For example, you can see the guitar Tab, music notations (sheet music) and piano keyboard being displayed in sync with the execution of the instrument as you watch your virtual teacher play the piece. The student has control over the file player as you slow down the songs, scales and techniques you are learning even below 50% of the original BPM (beat per minute). With a subscription to the site this can be a cost effective option that gives you the freedom you need to move at your own pace.

It is common that many musicians have studied under various teachers. Students learn quickly what works for them and what doesn’t. While some music teachers may help build your confidence others might not be the best fit for you. It is okay to acknowledge that a teacher is just not the right one for you. Through Up for Lessons you can tailor the learning to meet your own needs. It is like having a virtual teacher ready whenever you are, for as long as you need. Keep in mind, even if you have had a difficult time with a music teacher that wasn’t right for you, continuing to learn an instrument on your own with Up for Lessons could be a healing avenue for you. According to Gunter Kreutz at Oxford Medicine Online “Psychological, physiological, and social benefits have been associated with musical activities to enhance well-being and quality of life in individuals with varying musical backgrounds and health statuses.” You can see more on that here.

After all, Harvard Medical School suggests that “music [can] promote well-being, enhance learning, stimulate cognitive function, improve quality of life, and even induce happiness.” Why not give yourself or your child the gift of learning an instrument? As a lifelong skill, you will carry the enjoyment of playing an instrument with you for many years to come. At Up for Lessons you can do just that. Our platform allows students to learn guitar and ukulele in the comfort of their own homes. Whatever your age, learning how to play music is a great hobby for children through to adults. You can read more on the benefits that music plays here.

Of course using the learning content on Up for Lessons does not have to be a replacement for having a music teacher. Some students may like to have access to these materials to supplement their learning with their guitar teacher. Up for Lessons can be a wonderful online path for all learners including those who require more time to acquire certain skills when playing their instrument.

We are so excited to be able to share music in this way through Up for Lessons. Music is a gift that everyone should be able to access no matter their learning style or any past experiences they have had learning an instrument. There are so many health benefits to learning an instrument and enjoying music for what it is. We wish you all the best with your musical journey here at Up for Lessons!

Can you imagine yourself learning guitar or ukulele online? Perhaps you’re a visual learner and love seeing the music, fret board and finger positions being shown to you? Our online interactive videos here at Up for Lessons could be just what you’re looking for. Feel free to connect with us here. Our goal is for you to reach your full potential and help you realise your musical dreams.

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