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Hello, Musical Adventurers,


I'm Ernesto Enriquez, the heart behind Up For Lessons, and I warmly welcome you to our melodic journey together. With more than 20 years on stage and 15 years sharing the gift of music education, I've discovered that the true beauty of music lies in our shared experiences, explorations, and stories told through every note and chord.


Up For Lessons is not merely a platform; it's a reflection of my belief that every aspiring musician, from beginner to advanced, should have a space to explore, learn, and create in a way that speaks to them. My journey, sprinkled with the joys of performing and the reward of teaching, has inspired me to design programs that are as much about finding joy in the process as they are about mastering the skills.


I invite you to join us, to share in the melodies, and to discover your own unique musical narrative. Here, you are not just a student but a cherished member of our melodious family, where every lesson is crafted with you in mind, guiding your steps through this beautiful adventure of learning and making music.


Let’s create, discover, and inspire together,

Ernesto Enriquez

up for lessons director
online guitar lessons director
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