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Guitar Lessons

Online Guitar Lessons for the Global Learner! 15+ Years of Grounded Research Behind Every Lesson.
Trust in Proven Progress!

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Embark on a joyful musical journey with our friendly guitar lessons! Dive into the world of electric, acoustic, and classical guitars across styles like Jazz, Blues, and Rock. Perfect for absolute beginners or seasoned players, we nurture your skills and expand your musical world with a gentle, supportive approach. With flexible timings and comfy online options, starting your melodic adventure is a breeze. Let's make music together, starting today!


Start your fun bass guitar adventure with us! Ideal for anyone—from newbies to experienced players—our lessons warmly welcome you into all musical styles, gently guiding you through essential rhythms and playful techniques like fingerpicking and slap/pop. With our friendly expert instructors and cozy online sessions that bend around your schedule, beginning your rhythmic journey is joyful and easy. Let's create beautiful bass together—your confident groove starts today!


Embark on a delightful ukulele adventure with us! Perfect for everyone and every event - from family gatherings to beach outings, the friendly ukulele is your compact and easy-to-play buddy. Together, we'll explore tunes and techniques, from classic to contemporary, ensuring every step is fun and uplifting. Engage in heartwarming duets and group sessions, sharing musical smiles with loved ones. Your cheerful strumming journey begins today - let’s create joyous melodies together!

Discover the heartwarming stories and triumphant experiences shared by our vibrant community of parents and students, reflecting their joyful learning journey through our enriching lessons!

up for lessons writing reviews
"Ernesto is an absolutely amazing guitar teacher! He is a guitar virtuoso and has a wealth of performance experience - but most importantly he is able to teach and significantly upgrade the student's skills very quickly and effectively.
I have been learning guitar on and off for 2 years; and for the first lesson Ernesto was already able to unlock and teach me new skills more than those two years combined!
Very practical approach used in lesson; and always very engaging.
Highly recommended!
Sylv N